Road Safety Wales has been established to create 'unity from diversity' by developing and substaining co-operation and interaction between all key partners across Wales and/or agencies with the responsibility for road safety promotion.


To further casualty reduction through collaborative working.


Welsh Innovation Receives Global Recognition

A competition offering Welsh innovators the opportunity to bid for funding to help them come up with new solutions to some of the trickiest challenges fac...


TRL Offers a Free Pilot Targeting Tailgating to UK Employers

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) are looking for employers with young, male drivers who undertake regular driving in light goods vehicles or cars during work, with significant mileage on motorways...


Day of Action at Fire Station

A Honda Accord smashed into the side of a Ford van and fire fighters set to rescuing the occupant of the car last week.

That was the scenario at a demonstration at Monmouth Fire Stat...