Welsh Transport Network Ready for Winter

Plans are in place to help keep Wales moving during the winter months, with over 216 thousand tonnes of salt and thirteen new frontline salt spreaders ready and waiting. 

The winter of 2009/10 saw stocks at some local authorities reach crisis point, and Economy Secretary Ken Skates is keen to ensure Wales is fully prepared over the coming months, whatever the weather.

Mr Skates said:

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Tax It or Lose It

Drivers are being warned their cars will be taken away if they are not taxed, as part of DVLA’s national advertising campaign.

The advert’s message to tax dodgers is clear – ‘even if you think you’re invisible to DVLA, you’re not - tax your car or risk losing it.’

Oliver Morley, DVLA Chief Executive, said:

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Pass Plus Cymru Prize Draw Winner

Carys Wilkinson is the latest winner of the Pass Plus Cymru prize draw.  Carys, who attended the course in May 2017, was randomly selected by Road Safety Wales from drivers across Wales who had completed and returned evaluation questionnaires. 

On Thursday 26th October, Carys was presented with her cheque by the Mayor of Neath Port Talbot Council, Councillor Dennis Keogh.  This day was a double celebration for Carys who was also celebrating her 19th Birthday. Carys enjoyed a morning at the Mayor's Parlour accompanied by her father and grandmother.

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Road Safety Week in Rhondda Cynon Taf

Rhondda Cynon Taf's Road Safety Team is looking forward to Road Safety Week, at the end of November, with a programme of events for road users of all ages.

Tuesday 21 November: Working with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, GoSafe and Treorchy Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers, the team will be providing road safety information at an event at ASDA, Tonypandy.  As part of the event a South Wales Fire and Rescue Service will be on site with a fire appliance and GoSafe will be present with a safety camera van, to interact with as many people as possible from the community to answer any questions and to offer road safety advice.

Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 November:  Year 2 pupils from all over Rhondda Cynon Taf will be participating in Kerbcraft, learning the essential skills needed to be safer child pedestrians.  Focussing on everything from the basics of the Green Cross Code to crossing at difficult locations such as between parked cars and at junctions.

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Thousands Take Part in International Walk to School Month

Twenty schools located across Caerphilly County Borough have been taking part in International Walk to School Month throughout October.

Supported by Caerphilly's Road Safety Team, almost 5,000 pupils have taken up the challenge of walking to school.

Embracing active school travel, the pupils in all 20 schools have recorded the amount of walking, cycling and scooting to school with rewards for the classes with the  most sustainable journeys.

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Promoting Gwynedd Road Safety Schemes

Gwynedd Council has been working with Bangor City Football Club to promote two worthwhile schemes available to the county’s residents - "Pass Plus Cymru" and "Living Well Driving Well".

The "Pass Plus Cymru" scheme is aimed at young drivers between 17 and 25, who have passed their driving test, to get more driving skills and experience in order to try and reduce the risk of them being involved in road accidents.

The "Living Well Driving Well" scheme is aimed at drivers 65+ and gives individuals the opportunity to have a qualified driving instructor go out with them in their own car for a short drive, on a familiar route, to offer tips and advice on any issues that cause them concern when driving.

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Time to Think About Your Tyres

With a cold weather warning sweeping the nation, now is the right time for drivers to pay particular attention to tyre safety for the coming wintry months, says TyreSafe. That’s especially relevant to those who drive significant distances as the weather increasingly turns to the classic British experience of ‘all four seasons in a day’. That makes winter tyres an option for many but all road users should at least ensure tyres are in good condition and ready to face all possible road conditions.

As the UK’s average mean temperature is below 7°C throughout the winter months*, winter tyres become the optimal choice for motorists. Even at low temperatures, they stay supple and provide the best levels of grip unlike summer tyres which harden in these conditions. Winter tyres also have an increased number of ‘sipes’ or grooves in the tread allowing more contact with the road in icy or wet conditions.

All-season tyres are an increasingly popular option as they provide better performance than summer tyres in winter and are designed to be driven all year-round. However, they do not offer the optimal performance of summer tyres in warm weather or winter tyres in the cold.

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Latest UK Pedestrian Casualty Statistics Prove it’s Time for a Change

More children are being hurt on Britain’s roads during the evening school run than at any other time of day – proving that it’s time the daylight savings system is changed.

The latest statistics from the Department for Transport show that of the 15,976 children hurt on Britain’s roads in 2016, nearly a quarter (22 per cent) were hurt during the hours of 3-5pm, while more than 1 in 3 of all pedestrian casualties happened between those times.

In fact, in every year since 2006 the majority of road casualties have occurred between the hours of 4-6pm; each year, the number of people killed and seriously injured on the country’s roads spikes immediately after the autumn clock change, due to the suddenly-darker evenings.

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Project EDWARD 2017 Results

The results of TISPOL’s Project EDWARD 2017 are now available, and the UK was one of 15 countries that reported zero fatalities.  Unfortunately, however, there 43 deaths on the day across 31 countries in Europe, with Poland recording 10 and Romania and Greece 6 fatalities each.

Social Media activity was key to the day, and #Project EDWARD trended number 1 in Ireland, number 4 in the UK and number 5 in Germany, Spain and other countries during the day.  Total unique reach, between Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 September was 25 million, and there were 8,813 posts over the 48 hour period.

As well as raising awareness of road safety issues, a key aim of Project EDWARD was to draw attention to the value of national and Europe-wide road safety targets:

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Be Bright Be Seen This Halloween

Be safe and be seen this Halloween, is the message from Carmarthenshire County Council’s road safety team.

To coincide with the clocks going back on Sunday, 29 October the team is launching its annual ‘Be Seen’ campaign

As the evenings become dark earlier and it becomes more difficult for drivers to see pedestrians, children are being encouraged to wear bright or fluorescent clothing by day and reflective by night.

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