The State of Roads in Wales

The Welsh Government Economy, Infrastructure and Skills Committee has agreed to undertake an inquiry into the State of Roads in Wales.

The inquiry will focus on the condition and approach to maintenance of the local road, trunk road and motorway network, delivery of enhancement projects on the local road, trunk road and motorway network, and how far the approaches taken to highway maintenance and improvement are sustainable.

A consultation, The State of Roads in Wales, has been published and will run until 27 April 2018. 

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Calculate Your Car Running Costs

As we know, owning and running a car is expensive, and if you find that you are using the car less and less as you get older, the cost of tax, insurance, servicing, MOT, repairs and fuel will be far greater than using public transport, or even a taxi.

For many people it may make good financial sense to use their money for other ways of getting about, instead of running a car, especially if they don’t drive very much.

RoSPA’s new Cost Calculator can help to estimate how much it costs to run a car and how much would be needed to spend on public transport.  It then estimates how much money this would provide every month, or year, for three years to use for public transport.

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Motorcycle Safety Highlighted at Launch Event

Motorcycle safety is the focus of an event at CMC Motorcycles located on Estuary Road in Newport today (4 April).

Op Darwen is an all-Wales operation aimed at reducing the number of road traffic collisions involving motorcycles.  From now until October, officers from Gwent Police Area Support Teams will be carrying out high visibility motorcycle patrols targeting those who ride in an anti-social manner which can cause serious, if not fatal, collisions.

Officers are at CMC Motorcycles in Newport until 4pm offering advice and also giving out more information about BikeSafe.

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Event is a Mega Success

Caerphilly’s Youth Service hosted a Mega Drive event to help inform youngsters about road safety.   The event is aimed at pre-drivers aged 16+ in order to educate them on how to be responsible drivers and passengers.

More than 33 young people from the Youth Forum, Innovate, LGBTQ+ group, Promoting Positive Engagement and the Participation & Inclusion project of Caerphilly Youth Service.

Young people were offered a 15 minute taster driving lesson for them to become accustomed with operating a car. In addition to the driving experience the Fire Service also encouraged youngsters to try their virtual reality goggles to experience being inside a vehicle that has been involved in a road traffic collision.

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New Child Car Seat Films

Choosing and fitting the right child car seat can seem very confusing, especially given the wide range of different types of seats on the market. To help parents and carers select the seat that matches the weight and height of the child, and avoid the most common fitting problems, RoSPA has produced 16 short films. It is not necessary to watch them all, simply click the title of the one(s) that match your personal circumstances.

To view the films click here or go to where you will find all the information you need about child car seats.

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Pedestrian Casualties 2016

The Welsh Government has issued an annual report which includes information on age and sex of casualty, type of road, speed limit, location of pedestrian when hit, type of vehicle involved and time of accident.

Casualties by type of road user and severity, 2016. 1,108 KSI in 2016, of which: 45% cars; 23% motorbikes; 18% pedestrians; 10% pedal cyclists; 4% other. 5,745 slight in 2016, of which; 72% cars; 7% motorbikes; 10% pedestrians; 6% pedal cyclists; 5% other.

Key Points

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Britax Römer Recall Certain DUALFIX Child Car Seats

Britax Römer has issued a voluntary recall of certain classic DUALFIX child car seats due to a potential safety issue with a component in these seats.

The potentially affected component was used in production batches sold between 3rd November 2017 and 22nd March 2018. Parents who purchased a DUALFIX during that time can go to to check if their seat is impacted by the voluntary recall and for further information.

Britax Römer has identified the cause of this potential issue and can confirm that DUALFIX car seats outside the batch involved are not affected. The specific component is not used in any other Britax Römer products, including all other versions of the DUALFIX.

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Crucial Crew for Torfaen Pupils

An annual education event which prepares children for the transition into secondary school has been attended by almost 1,000 year six students from Torfaen.

The 'Crucial Crew' teaches children about personal safety, sustainability, recycling and other skills which could be beneficial to them in new educational surroundings.

Pupils took part in a series of workshops from agencies such as Torfaen Council’s Road Safety and waste teams, South Wales Fire and Rescue, Fly Tipping Action Wales, Food Standards Agency Wales, Network Rail, Western Power, Sight Cymru, RNLI, The Samaritans, and the Dogs Trust.

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British Summer Time Approaches

Winter is finally over (despite the white stuff still lying around!), and summer is just around the corner, with the clocks going forward on Sunday 25 March at 1.00 am.  With the beginning of British Summer Time we can look forward to lighter mornings and evenings, with journeys to and from work in daylight instead of winter darkness.

All good news, except that there are few things to bear in mind for that first Monday morning drive into work:

  • It is only a difference of an hour, but if you are driving when you would normally be asleep you could be drowsy.  Be aware of this and make sure that you are fully awake and alert before beginning your journey.

  • Initially the mornings will be darker, with the potential for the rising sun to be low in the sky and dazzling to all drivers.
  • Make sure your car windows and mirrors are smear free to prevent dazzle, and make good use of the sun visors.
  • Don’t forget that everyone will be struggling with the low sun, so take your time and keep your distance.

With the lighter evenings there may be more children out playing on their bikes, or playing in or around the roads.  Reduce your speed in residential areas to give yourself more time to stop if the need arises.

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Peers Called Upon to Influence Their Friends

The latest drink driving campaign is targeting young men aged 17-34 years, and is calling upon peers to influence their friends not to drink and drive.

‘A mate doesn’t let a mate drink drive’ encourages young men to tell their mate that drink driving isn’t cool, in a non-preachy way.

The radio advert, Mates Matter, will run across a number of radio stations in England and Wales and on Spotify.

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