Support for Project Edward

On 21 September 2017, Project EDWARD (European Day Without a Road Death), will provide another fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of road safety across 30 European countries.

There are many ways that you could support Project EDWARD:

  • log onto the website and sign the pledge. More importantly stick to the promises;
  • record a message of support from your organisation and submit it (mobile phone footage is fine);
  • ask your IT Department to post the website and information on your work intranet to raise awareness and encourage support from your workplace colleagues;
  • tweet about Project EDWARD or post it on your Facebook page, and use the #PROJECTEdward;
  • ask your corporate communications department for their support through re-tweets and sharing Project EDWARD information on 21 September;

You could also let the Project EDWARD team know what you are planning so that they can publicise it on the website.

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Motorway Lessons for Learner Drivers

Learner drivers will be able to have lessons on motorways in a bid to improve road safety, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling announced today (13 August 2017).

The law change will be active from 2018, when learners will be allowed on motorways with an approved driving instructor in a dual control car. This will provide a broader range of real life experiences and better prepare learners for independent driving when they pass their test.

Currently learners cannot drive on a motorway until after they have passed their test. This means the first experience of motorway driving for many is as a new driver without the guidance of a driving instructor or the safety of a dual control car.

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Child Car Seat Fitting Help

Parents are encouraged to watch a new video produced to highlight common ‘routing’ problems, which could endanger the lives of young children being carried in car seats.

The Good Egg Safety video, shows parents how to fix simple errors such as where the carry handle should be safely positioned on the seat. Good Egg Safety says the thousands of free child-car seat checks it carries out across the UK each year have shown that the errors highlighted in the video are on the rise.

As well as watching the video, Good Egg Safety is recommending that parents re-read their car seat instruction manual.

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The New Driving Test Explained

The DVSA has published information for driving instructors outlining what their pupils can expect from the changes to the driving test.

The redesigned test will be launched on 4 December, and is designed to ensure that newly qualified drivers have the skills, knowledge and confidence to drive on their own.

The blog post features a number of short videos highlighting the changes in action, together with an explanation of the instructions that will be given to pupils.

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Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain (Alcohol)

Reported road casualties in Great Britain: Estimates for accidents involving illegal Alcohol levels 2015: (Final)

Final estimates for 2015 show that 200 people were killed in accidents in Great Britain where at least one driver was over the drink drive limit.

  • Although the final estimate for 2015 shows that the number of fatalities has fallen by 40 since 2014, this change is not statistically significant.

  • 1,370 people were estimated to ahve been killed or seriously injured in drink drive accidents. This represents a statistically significant rise from 1,310 in 2014, and is the highest estimate since 2012.

  • The estimated total number of accidents where at least one driver was over the alcohol limit rose by 2 percent to 5,730 in 2015.

  • Since 1979 there has been a 71 per cent reduction in the number of drink drive accidents, and a 73 per cent reduction in casualties.

The full bulletin can be found here

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Ride Safe Award from BHS

The British Horse Society (BHS) has launched the Ride Safe Award, a new qualification designed to help the UK's 1.3 million horse riders feel safer and more confident when riding out on the road.

Described as the equivalent to cycling's Bikeability scheme, the Ride Safe Award is endorsed by the DfT's THINK! campaign.

To launch the award, sports broadcaster Lizzie Greenwood-Hughes and 18-year-old international dressage champion, Phoebe Peters took part in a Ride Safe demonstration to show the importance of being confident when riding out.

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Argos Recalls Three Child Car Seats

Argos has issue a recall for three child car seats. The recall is as a result of testing that revealed the car seat covers don’t meet fire safety regulations.

Argos has emailed those who bought this car seat, but we’d still urge you to check your seat if you have one of these models but haven’t yet received an email:

Fisher Price Group 0+ Baby Car Seat

Catalogue number 399/9888
Model number LB-320
ECE R44.04 approval number 045126

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Road Safety Observatory

The Road Safety Observatory provides valuable information, insights and research on a diverse range of topics in road safety and is used by a wide variety of road safety practitioners to inform policy, strategy and the design of interventions.

It is run by a Programme Board formed from a wide range of road safety bodies, including RoSPA, RoadSafe, PACTS, Road Safety Great Britain, Highways England, Department for Transport, TRL, RAC Foundation and other partners.

To help develop the Road Safety Observatory, the Programme Board would like to hear your views on the current website and what you would like to see offered by a resource of this type in the future. Your feedback will directly shape the development of the Observatory's digital offering.

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Towing Trailers Safely

As the summer holidays are approaching, the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is urging drivers to make sure their trailers, caravans and horseboxes are safe and legal.

The DVSA #TowSafe4Freddie campaign was launched in November last year and has been calling on drivers using a trailer to perform basic safety checks following the tragic death of 3-year-old Freddie Hussey.

Freddie was walking with his mother in Bedminster, Bristol, when a two-tonne trailer became detached from a Land Rover. The trailer mounted the kerb before hitting Freddie.

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Doorstep To Desk

Public Health Wales has published a new easy-to-use visual guide to help organisations play a bigger part in encouraging children to walk or cycle to school.

With fewer than half of children in Wales currently walking or cycling to primary school, the new ‘doorstep to desk’ guide shows how housing developers, transport officers, planners, and even police could play a vital role in making walking and cycling to school an easier choice.

The guide has been produced in consultation with experts from the Active Travel to School National Stakeholder Group - a multi-agency group working to make walking, scooting, or cycling the preferred way of getting to school for children in Wales.

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