Christmas Anti Drink & Drug Drive Campaign: First Arrests Made

North Wales Police Officers have made over 30 arrests as part of the first week of the Christmas Anti Drink and Drug Drive Campaign.

Since the start of the campaign on 1st December, 21 drink drive and 14 drug drive arrests have been made across the region.

The highest reading of the campaign so far has been 123 (the legal limit is 35) whereby a 50-year-old man was arrested on the outskirts of Caernarfon shortly after 5pm on December 2nd. The man, who is from the Wirral area has since been charged with drink driving and will appear before Caernarfon Magistrates Court on Monday, December 20th.

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Blaenau Gwent Road Safety Campaign Shines Headlights on Vehicle Safety and Maintenance

Officers spoke to 100 drivers in Blaenau Gwent between October and November to check their vehicles were fit for the road and share some winter maintenance advice.

PC Phillip Thomas said: “We’re committed to increasing road safety and have recently been talking to drivers about the steps they can take to ensure their vehicles are safe to be driven.

“Now that we’re in December, where icy roads, dark evenings and changeable driving conditions are commonplace, it’s important road users keep themselves and others safe by undertaking vital maintenance checks.”

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Christmas Anti-Drink and Drug Drive Campaign Launched

With the festive season about to take off, police officers in Wales are reminding people who are looking forward to a night out not to get behind the wheel after drinking or consuming drugs.

The four Welsh police forces – North Wales Police, Gwent Police, South Wales Police and Dyfed-Powys Police - are today launching their Christmas Anti-Drink and Drug Drive Campaign which aims to catch people who risk their life and the lives of others by getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

Dyfed-Powys Police Superintendent Clark Jones-John said the reason for the operation was to try and prevent the needless loss of life at the hands of irresponsible drivers who flout the law.

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Children Stop Drivers For Speeding Outside Schools As Part Of Llanelli North 20mph Campaign

Speeding drivers have been stopped by children in Llanelli for going over the 20mph limit outside their schools and asked to explain themselves.

Pupils from Ysgol Penygaer, Ysgol Dewi Sant and Ysgol Y Felin have been taking action to slow down motorists.

A total of 33 drivers were stopped by the schoolchildren (including five for not wearing a seatbelt), supported by Carmarthenshire County Council’s road safety unit and officers from Dyfed-Powys Police, GoSafe, and Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service.

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Never Drive With An Unrestrained Pet In Your Vehicle

Safe driving demands your full attention and an unobstructed view of the road; anything less increases the risk of a collision and potential injury.

We all know that using a mobile phone at the wheel and other in-vehicle distractions are significant risk factors, but have you thought about the importance of carrying your pet safely in your vehicle?

It’s an issue often overlooked, but even the most well behaved animal can become frightened by something unusual and react in a way which compromises the safety of the driver, passengers and other road users.

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Residents Agree Plans to Extend Average Speed Cameras

Residents in parts of Merthyr Vale, Plymouth and Treharris Wards have agreed with proposals to extend the planned average speed cameras along the A4054 (Cardiff Road).

The public consultation exercise, which took place August to September 2021, prompted over 1200 responses from residents, road users and members of the wider public, with over 63% of people agreeing with the installation of the cameras.

The consultation was carried out after speed surveys identified ‘excessive speeding on a continuous basis’ along the road, meaning action was urgently needed to improve road safety.  Several options were considered, and average speed cameras were deemed the most effective solution to reduce speeding.

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50mph Schemes Successful in Driving Down Air Pollution

From 4 October, motorists exceeding the 50mph speed limits on some of the most polluted roads in Wales could receive a letter or fine through their doors, the Welsh Government has warned.

The decision to introduce environmental speed limits to improve air quality levels in five locations across Wales in 2018 was the first of its kind in the UK, demonstrating the Welsh Government’s commitment of putting the environment at the heart of everything it does.

The schemes have already been successful in significantly lowering the levels of nitrogen dioxide in affected areas by up to 47%, helping to protect people from serious illness as well as playing a part in tackling the climate emergency.

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Stand Up For Slowing Down as the 20mph Campaign Kicks Off

Today sees the start of the Wales-wide 20mph Campaign outside Primary Schools coordinated by GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. The 20mph speed limit outside the majority of Primary Schools in Wales is there to keep children and parents safe as they walk to and from school.

Walking to school is a healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to driving to school, and is an increasingly popular method of travel for parents and their children on their daily journeys to and from school.

Teresa Ciano, GoSafe Partnership Manager said: “Our 20mph Campaign outside Primary Schools across Wales has one key aim; to encourage compliance with the speed limit to keep children and parents safe as they walk to and from school.

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UK Government Takes Further Action to Tackle HGV Driver Shortage

Up to 50,000 more HGV driving tests will be made available each year in response to government action to streamline the testing process and tackle the worldwide lorry driver shortage.

HGV driving tests will be overhauled, meaning drivers will only need to take 1 test to drive both a rigid and articulated lorry, rather than having to take 2 separate tests (spaced 3 weeks apart). This will make around 20,000 more HGV driving tests available every year.

Tests will also be made shorter by removing the ‘reversing exercise’ element – and for vehicles with trailers, the ‘uncoupling and recoupling’ exercise – and having it tested separately by a third party. This part of the test is carried out off the road on a manoeuvring area and takes a significant amount of time.

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Forty Vehicles Stopped in Operation to Crackdown on Motoring Offences

Gwent Police Officers checked 40 vehicles and made four arrests as part of the latest operation to crackdown on motoring offences.

Operation Utah – a multi-agency day of action – is designed to identify and tackle road users putting other motorists at risk – either by driving illegally or by driving vehicles not up to a safe standard.

The road safety operation took place at the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) weighbridge and test site at Newport’s Coldra roundabout.

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