Community Speed Watch Continues to Grow Across Wales

Community Speed Watch schemes continue to grow across Wales. The schemes, which are staffed by volunteers and supported by Neighbourhood Policing Teams are progressing well across the country.

The idea of the schemes is to empower the community to support the Police and GoSafe with dealing with speeding vehicles on Welsh roads.

There are currently in excess of 200 sites across Wales.

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Keeping Children Safe in Neath Port Talbot

Pupils from Cwmtawe Community School have been taking part in a number of Safe Cycling Workshops throughout March.

Taken on a series of on road sessions around Pontadawe by the Road Safety Cyclecraft Coordinator Robin Jones, local Councillor Linet Purcell and local PCSO’s, the pupils had the opportunity to brush up on their cycling skills. The sessions gave advice aimed at keeping them safe when cycling around the village and on short journeys.

Meanwhile, Cylch Meithrin Waunceirch enjoyed an afternoon visit from Chloe of the Neath Port Talbot Road Safety Team.

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Welsh Innovation Receives Global Recognition

A competition offering Welsh innovators the opportunity to bid for funding to help them come up with new solutions to some of the trickiest challenges facing the public sector in Wales has received global recognition, Skills and Science Minister, Julie James is pleased to announce.

Backed by over £3m Welsh Government funding and run in collaboration with Innovate UK, the Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) has gained interest from other UK devolved nations as well as attracting attention from Ireland, Sweden and Australia.

Launched in Wales in 2013, the SBRI offers businesses - many of which are small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) - the opportunity to bid for research and development (R&D) funding to develop technology-driven solutions for specific challenges facing the public sector.

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TRL Offers a Free Pilot Targeting Tailgating to UK Employers

Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) are looking for employers with young, male drivers who undertake regular driving in light goods vehicles or cars during work, with significant mileage on motorways and major roads.

TRL will work with employers to recruit individual staff to participate in the pilot and aim to recruit 8-16 staff per employer, 80-160 drivers in total.

The selected drivers will undertake the following activities over an 8 week period before the end of April:

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Day of Action at Fire Station

A Honda Accord smashed into the side of a Ford van and fire fighters set to rescuing the occupant of the car last week.

That was the scenario at a demonstration at Monmouth Fire Station on Saturday, 11th March as members of the public had the chance to view up close the emergency services in action.

To make the scene more realistic, one of the paramedics from next door was hauled out from his tea break and asked to be involved as if he was treating a real collision victim.

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Scheme to Encourage Motorists to Drive Safely

A joint-campaign in the Penrhosgarnedd area of Gwynedd is encouraging motorists to drive sensibly and respect the school crossing patrol staff who work to secure that school pupils can walk to and from school safely.

Following concerns raised by staff, parents and pupils of Ysgol y Garnedd over recent months regarding some motorists’ attitude towards the school crossing patrol staff, Gwynedd Council’s Road Safety team and North Wales Police officers have been monitoring the situation.

Having considered the matter in detail, a decision has been made that the school crossing patrol officer that assists Y Garnedd pupils to cross the road to the school will wear a body camera. This will enable staff from the Council’s transportation service to monitor the situation and refer any evidence of irresponsible driving on to the police if necessary.

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Captain Callie and the Adventures of Bola

Swansea Road Safety Team has recently organised a theatre production to visit 60 schools within the City and County of Swansea, with Performance in Education performing ‘Captain Callie and the adventures of Bola’ to pupils in years 3-6.

The story describes how Captain Callie has to try and find the monster Bola after crash landing on earth before he starts to eat everything in sight! Unfamiliar with the traffic and roads on earth, both Captain Callie and Bola are soon alerted to the dangers of trying to cross roads and have to enlist the help of the pupils to help keep them safe.

The performance is extremely engaging and interactive for all pupils and as well as being extremely good fun, the performance delivers and reinforces important road safety messages.

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Welsh Police Winter Drink/Drug Driving Campaign Results Show Slight Increase

Over 18,000 people in Wales were stopped and tested for drink driving or driving whilst under the influence of drugs, during the recent All Wales Winter Anti Drink/Drug Driving Campaign.

The police campaign was launched by South Wales Police on the 1st December with the help of Angela Coen whose son, Arran, sadly died as a result of getting behind the wheel when he was over the drink drive limit.

Following the conclusion of the campaign on New Year’s Day, officers had stopped and tested 18,408 drivers at the roadside.

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Belt Up! All Wales Seatbelt Campaign

‘Belting up can save a life’, people will be warned as part of an All Wales campaign stressing the dangers of not wearing seatbelts.

From Monday, March 13 Dyfed Powys Police lead the All Wales Seatbelt Campaign, warning drivers they are risking their lives by not wearing belts, and cracking down on motorists and passengers who refuse to belt up.
 Not wearing a seatbelt can be a fatal decision even on short, familiar journeys and at low speeds. As a driver you are responsible for ensuring that passengers under the age of 14 are wearing a seatbelt, or using the correct child restraint for their height and age.

Although most road users are fully aware of the potential consequences of not wearing a seatbelt, police officers throughout Wales will be clamping down on those who continue to ignore the law, endangering all road users.

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10,000 Haulage Firms on Safety 'Red List'

About 10,000 haulage operators are on a "red list" because of the risk they pose to other road users, the body that enforces lorry safety in Britain says.

The list represents one in eight transport firms, and is used by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency to target enforcement.

The hauliers are failing to ensure adequate maintenance and safety, or to monitor drivers' hours, the DVSA says.

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