Wheels2Work Torfaen

Are you unemployed and struggling to secure work due to lack of transport? Then a new moped hire scheme could be your ticket to a brighter future!

The newly launched Wheels2Work initiative in Torfaen allows eligible participants to hire one of the four brand new mopeds for up to six months.

The scheme will also cover the cost of Compulsory Basic Training licences, which drivers need to ride mopeds legally on public roads.

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Operation Lathyrus cracks down on illegal use of e-bikes in Swansea city centre

Last week, South Wales Police officers carried out action to tackle illegal and anti-social use of e-bikes and bike theft in Swansea city centre as part of Operation Lathyrus.

The operation, which was set up in response to continued incidents of bike thefts and anti-social bike use in the city centre, has seen numerous complaints received from concerned members of the public around the speed that e-bikes are being ridden around the city centre area.

On Friday July 12, officers were deployed to several locations around the city, with a bike-marking tent and stand set up in Castle Gardens. Officers provided education and crime prevention advice to bike users, and utilised bike-marking kits to provide them with a unique code that can be registered to the Selectamark website - - to provide police with an instant way of identifying the owner of a stolen bike.

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Promoting safer driving behaviour around horses

Road Safety Wales is highlighting the vulnerability of horses and their riders through a campaign which reminds drivers of their responsibilities when sharing road space with equestrian road users.

The campaign posters, aligned to the latest Highway Code, have been made available to all 22 Local Authorities in Wales.

Teresa Ciano, Chair of the partnership said, “Our thanks go to the British Horse Society for providing invaluable data via the incident reporting section of their website. This has helped ensure the roadside advice can be located where most needed, at incident hotspot locations as well as on routes frequently used by the equestrian community.”

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Sustainable travel event for local businesses in Wrexham

In Wrexham on Wednesday 17 July, local businesses are invited to go along to Redwither Tower for an excellent opportunity to get involved in an open discussion and information sharing event around active and sustainable travel.

The event takes place 10am-12pm in the Atrium, on the building’s third floor, and offers opportunities to gain insights from a variety of guest speakers including Wrexham’s Transport Strategy team.

The team will present active travel infrastructure ideas for Wrexham Industrial Estate, and using an interactive map they’ll ask attendees to suggest improvements and highlight any difficulties or missing links across the industrial estate.

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New Enforcement | Rhondda Cynon Taf

An update from GoSafe, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership.

GoSafe work with the Highways Authorities in Wales to enforce safety camera schemes.

Fixed cameras are installed where the collision risk is highest and encourage people to drive within the speed limits, ensuring that everyone is safer on our roads.

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Newtown Active Travel Bridge lifted into place

Newtown's new cycle and pedestrian active travel bridge was successfully lifted into place on Saturday 29 June.

Following a short delay due to unfavourable weather conditions, the new 53-metre-long bridge was hoisted into position over the River Severn on Saturday afternoon.

The large crane dominated the skyline of the town for most of the week, but unusually gusty wind conditions meant that the lift was delayed for a couple of days. Thankfully the weather turned calmer at the weekend allowing the crews on site to carry out all the necessary safety checks and finally manoeuvre the large superstructure carefully into place.

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