GoSafe Reports Speeding Increases on Welsh Roads

In a statement, GoSafe Partnership Manager, Teresa Ciano, highlights a concerning number of cases where vehicles are being driven at speeds exceeding limits to a higher extent.

Recent examples include:  

  • 114mph in a 70mph limit on the A55 (Rhuallt Hill)
  • 105mph in a 60mph limit on the A5 (Halton, Wrexham)
  • 104mph in a 70mph limit on the A48 (Pensarn, Carmarthen)

“Clearly, this irresponsible and risky driving is putting our key workers at risk along with members of the public who are making essential journeys to assist loved ones, attend work and keep the country going during the international crisis.

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Emergency Road Repairs Continue

Council highways teams in Swansea have carried out more than 110 emergency road repairs recently, despite the impact of the Coronavirus crisis on normal services, new figures have revealed.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environment and Infrastructure Management, said, "Over the past few weeks all council services have been transformed to respond to the unprecedented demands of dealing with the pandemic.

"But even though there is a lot less traffic than normal our highways team is still there for Swansea. They have been out checking for defects and ordering in emergency repairs where necessary to ensure those who need to use the roads can do so safely.

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GoSafe Enforcement During The Coronovirus Pandemic

The strategic aim of GoSafe is to make people safer on Welsh roads by reducing casualties and saving lives.

With the country currently in the throes of a pandemic, the road safety risks GoSafe works tirelessly to reduce have not been removed and the enforcement of camera sites is still key to GoSafe’s work in protecting the public and saving lives.

Enforcement vans offer an isolated work environment and where staff are fit, well and able to carry out their role, they will carry on. Now more than ever GoSafe must ensure road casualties do not increase and that the public can continue to travel safely, within Government guidelines.

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A Chief’s Commendation For The Crash Detectives

The Crash Detectives team from Gwent Police recently visited Police HQ to receive a commendation from Chief Constable Pam Kelly for their commitment and dedication.

Chief Constable Pam Kelly said, “I have the pleasure of awarding a commendation for ‘Outstanding Commitment and Dedication to Collision Investigations in Gwent’ to our Collision Investigation Officers and Staff.

“I am immensely proud of the Collision Investigation Unit here in Gwent – the team display professionalism day in, day out and recently we have had the opportunity to showcase this work to the public with our BBC One Wales series, The Crash Detectives. 

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Decarbonising Transport - Setting the Challenge

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published a consultation about decarbonising transport. The plan sets out six priorities that the Government will be consulting on over the next 5-6 months, with a final report published this autumn.

Grant Shapps, Secretary of State for Transport, said, “The scale of the challenge demands a step change in both the breadth and scale of ambition, and we have a duty to act quickly and decisively to reduce emissions.

“Through the Transport Decarbonisation Plan, 2020 will be the year we set out the policies and plans needed to tackle transport emissions. This document marks the start of this process. It gives a clear view of where we are today and the size of emissions reduction we need.”

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Keeping Tyres Legal

TyreSafe has issued a timely warning to motorists that the introduction of a six-month exemption on MOTs does not mean the law governing the minimum legal tread depth of 1.6mm has been suspended.

Tread depth is essential to keep a vehicle in contact with the road in wet conditions. Without this crucial contact, a vehicle will be more difficult to control and take longer to stop. At present, a tyre being driven below 1.6mm is illegal and if found by the police could result in a fine of up to £2,500 and three-points being added to a driver’s licence – per tyre.

In the battle to halt the Coronavirus pandemic, the government announced that from the 30th March 2020, vehicle owners have been granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing to enable vital services such as deliveries to continue, frontline workers to get to work, and people to get essential food and medicine.

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