20mph: Opportunity for Flintshire residents to propose exceptions

Residents will continue to be updated and have opportunities to identify roads which may be considered as exceptions to 20mph, in a phased way, Flintshire Council has confirmed.

The Council has taken a phased approach to assessing restricted roads in the county, which initially involved local county councillors nominating roads for assessment. As a result 12 roads are now in the process of reverting back to 30mph, following consultation during the summer, and details can be found on the Council's website. 

Phase 2 will give residents the opportunity to propose roads for an exception.

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Gelligaled Park Footbridge repairs now complete

All scheduled work to repair the Gelligaled Park footbridge in Ystrad has now been completed Rhondda Cynon Taf CBC.

The scheme has future-proofed the structure to maintain this important local link between Pontrhondda Avenue and Gelligaled Park.

The footbridge was damaged due to Storm Dennis and also required a series of emergency repairs last year after further extensive damage was found during an inspection.

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Arriva launches a safety campaign to encourage children to cross the road safely

Arriva, a leading UK bus operator has created road safety resources in a bid to encourage children aged up to 16 to 'Stop and Stay' at the kerb, before they cross the road.

With many children taking the bus to and from school, Arriva has devised a booklet, which schools will be sharing with pupils to highlight the need to stay alert when crossing the road.

The bus operator has also launched posters on buses, so that pupils can see the dangers of crossing the road without looking for traffic and finding a safe place to cross, clear of the moving bus.

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The Crash Detectives

Following the conclusion of Series 4 of The Crash Detectives, which provides a unique insight into the specialist work of Gwent Police’s forensic collision investigation unit (FCIU), it has once again highlighted the devastation that ensues in the aftermath of a road traffic collision.

From those directly involved in a collision, to those that witness the tragedy unfold and our emergency services and health service colleagues who provide crucial, expert assistance at the scene and post-collision, the catastrophic effect of these life-changing incidents should not be underestimated.

Unless you have had a personal involvement in such an incident, it can be impossible to imagine that you or a member of your family could end up in this position yourselves, but it is testament to the production team and the FCIU at Gwent Police for delivering frank and open accounts of the impact these collisions have and revealing the professionalism and determination that go in to ensuring those responsible are brought to justice.

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Newtown Active Travel Bridge update

Construction of the new cycle and pedestrian active travel bridge in Newtown is progressing well, confirms Powys County Council.

Work to start building the long-awaited bridge across the River Severn began on-site in June and is being funded by the Welsh Government with support from Transport for Wales. The steel, single span, open arch structure will span approximately 53 metres and connect the riverside path on the west of the river to Pool Road on the east.

Whilst the bridge superstructure has been fabricated and painted offsite in contractor premises based in Wrexham and Mold, much of the groundworks have been progressing on site, including clearing and excavation, as well as construction of the bridge foundations and temporary supports to facilitate bridge assembly.

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Free buses for the festive period in Swansea

Shoppers heading into Swansea city centre this Christmas can travel on buses for free every Saturday and Sunday during November and December.

Swansea Council has confirmed the 'Free-Ride Swansea' public transport offer will be back up and running for the festive period and follows a successful free travel initiative which ran throughout the summer holidays.

Starting on Saturday November 18, the latest free offer will run every Saturday & Sunday in the run up to Christmas Day and will continue for a further five days from 27 - 31 December.

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Welsh Government consultation on a new Road Safety Strategy

The Welsh Government has published a Consultation Document, outlined below:

Road Safety in Wales - A New Road Safety Strategy

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Advice for motorcycling in wet weather conditions

Riding in the rain - it’s probably fair to say that bikers in Wales will have lots of experience of this!

Nevertheless a few hints and tips from Wales By Bike will hopefully provide a useful reminder of how to ride safely in wet weather.

  • Traction is greatly reduced in the rain; it’s especially important that tyres are undamaged, inflated to the correct pressure and with good tread depth
  • Ride as smoothly as possible with careful, progressive use of the brakes and throttle
  • Wear proper rain gear, one or two sizes larger than you normally wear, so it fits over your normal PPE
  • Choose your lane position to avoid large amounts of surface water; look for dry tracks made by vehicles in front of you, as these sections allow greater grip for your tyres. Avoid puddles wherever possible - they may even be hiding a pothole
  • Use common sense; slow down in the rain and keep a safe extended following distance - at least double the distance you allow in dry conditions
  • If they really can’t be avoided safely, take slippery spots such painted lines and manhole covers as straight on as possible  
  • A rainbow patch on the road surface could be oil mixed with rainwater so early observations will allow you to avoid this hazard
  • Being tense on a your bike affects control and puts you at greater risk; stay relaxed and if the weather really becomes too bad, pull over
  • Bikers are even harder to see in the rain. Make yourself as visible as possible; hi-vis rain gear can be a good option. And remember to use your lights
  • Remember, when visibility is low it becomes even more important to ride so you can stop in the distance you can see to be clear

Rain or shine, each ride should ideally be smooth, relaxed and confident. Look well ahead and try to enjoy the experience, even if you’re soggy around the edges!

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Electric vehicles for social care staff

Denbighshire County Council has been working to support the social care sector and reduce its carbon footprint by facilitating the use of electric vehicles, as well as access to driving lessons for staff who will be providing care in people’s homes.

With funding secured from Welsh Government, the Council now has ten electric vehicles available for staff providing care and have also made grant awards to providers for driving lessons.

Following an application process, two independent domiciliary care providers, Co-options and Alexandra House, have been awarded five-year zero-cost leases for two e-vehicles. The Council has also provided Co-options with an e-bike for non-driving care staff to use.

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