Forty Years of Seatbelts

The use of seatbelts in vehicles is perhaps considered the most important development in road collision survivability.

This month marks four decades of compulsory seatbelt wearing in the front of cars, with the legislation extending to all occupants eight years later.

Reflecting on the significance of seatbelt use, Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales said, “Following years of consistent road safety education and enforcement, the vast majority of people fasten their seatbelt instinctively, on every journey.

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Design work underway to develop active travel routes in Welshpool

Following the Welsh Government's approval of the county's Active Travel Network Maps (ATNM), work has started to develop designs for improving active travel provision on Severn Street, in Welshpool.

Identified on the ATNM by the community and stakeholders, this would form the first phase of a wider project to create a local active travel network - enabling more journeys to be undertaken by foot or bicycle within the town.

The proposed route would run along the north side of Severn Street, from the train station to the bridge over the canal. The project would see the existing path widened to become a shared use path for cyclists and pedestrians, and improvements made to the surface and drainage, enhancing safety for all users - but particularly for families and pupils going to and from Ysgol Gymraeg y Trallwng, the new Welsh medium primary school, and commuters using the train station. As part of the design work, consideration is also being given to the road crossings.

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Welsh Pavement Parking Taskforce Amended Recommendations

Written Statement:
Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Climate Change

“In 2019, I set up the independent Wales Pavement Parking Taskforce (WPPT) to help tackle anti-social pavement parking in our communities.

“All ten of the Pavement Parking Taskforce’s recommendations were accepted by the Welsh Government.

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Managing Winter Road Risk

As winter temperatures bring more hazardous and challenging road conditions, Road Safety Wales is reminding employers to review their driving for work risk management policy and ensure that winter driving is properly covered.

Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales said, "Employees who drive for work purposes should work with their employers to make sure they are fully aware of what is expected of them during periods of severe weather and plans should be in place for identifying and preparing for essential journeys."

Employers have a duty to take all reasonably practicable measures to manage risk and companies should ensure that their drivers pay attention to warnings, either from official external sources or from within the organisation, not to continue their journeys when advised.

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20mph speed restrictions Buckley - information sessions

2023 will see the introduction of Welsh Government’s Restricted Roads (20mph Speed Limit) (Wales) Order 2022. This means speed limits on most restricted roads will reduce from 30mph to 20mph from September. 

In the lead up to the introduction of Welsh Government’s new legislation, eight communities were selected for the first phase of the national programme with 20mph speed limits being introduced between July 2021 and May 2022.  It has now been nearly 12 months since its introduction in Buckley and surrounding areas.   

Aware of concerns raised locally, discussions between Flintshire County Council and the Welsh Government have been ongoing for some months and the Council has been gathering the views of local residents to help inform a review and understand any concerns about specific roads.

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Driver Theory Refresher workshops available for mature drivers

Free driver theory refresher workshops are being offered to mature drivers wishing to improve their road knowledge and build their confidence when driving on today's ever-changing roads.

Organised by Powys County Council's Road Safety Unit, the two-hour online workshops are available free of charge to any Powys resident aged 65 or over.

The informal workshop covers subjects such as the Fatal 5, how to proceed when encountering vulnerable road users such as motorcyclists, pedal cyclists and equestrians, what to do if you're involved in a collision, eyesight requirements, medication and alcohol laws, and the important changes to The Highway Code that were introduced in 2022.

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Enhancements for A48 active travel route are underway

Bridgend County Borough Council welcomes works to improve the active travel route along the A48, from Waterton roundabout to that at Picton Court.

The development, scheduled for approximately 12 weeks and which began on 3 January 2023, will provide active travel facilities for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along the route.  It will also expand on the existing active travel network from Bridgend to Pencoed - providing more direct access to the southern units of Bridgend Retail Park.

At an estimated cost of £586,000 and funded by the Welsh Government, enhancements will include widened footways along the A48 into shared use facilities, footway and verge reconstruction, vegetation clearance, traffic sign and street lighting improvements and more.

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Roads affected by changes to the speed limit on restricted roads

When the Senedd voted in favour in July 2022, Wales became the first UK nation to pass legislation to lower the default national speed limit on residential roads and busy pedestrian streets from 30mph to 20mph. Work is underway to get Wales ready for the change, with the new speed limit coming into force on 17 September 2023.

The new legislation will not apply a blanket speed limit on all roads, it will simply make the speed limit on restricted roads 20mph. Highway authorities, who know their area best, are starting to engage with their local communities to decide which roads should remain at 30mph.

An exceptions process and criteria were developed and later updated following feedback received from eight 20mph first phase settlements across Wales.

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