Operation SNAP Recognised At The Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards

Since 1987 the Prince Michael International Road Safety Awards have given recognition to those who have improved road safety internationally.

On the 11th December, the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership (GoSafe) attended the prestigious gala presentation at The Savoy, London, to be presented with an award by HRH Prince Michael of Kent for their innovative Operation SNAP initiative.

Operation SNAP was devised in response to requests from the public for police to deal with traffic offences detected by media such as dashcam, helmet cameras or personal video. It was the first project of this kind in the UK, utilising processes and resources established by GoSafe.

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Choose Wisely

North Wales Police officers arrested 19 people in the first week of the Winter Anti Drink and Drug Driving Campaign. Of those arrests, 13 were made in relation to drink driving and six for drug driving.

The highest breath test reading of the campaign so far has been 146mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath - the legal limit is 35mg.

Inspector Dave Cust, from North Wales Police' Roads Policing Unit, said, "It is disappointing that a small minority of people are still intent on ignoring our messages, despite our repeated warnings.

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Vale Student Wins Pass Plus Cymru Quarterly Prize Draw

Chloe Cotter, from Penarth, was randomly selected by Road Safety Wales, as the winner of the latest Pass Plus Cymru quarterly prize draw. Chloe will receive £250, after she completed and returned an evaluation questionnaire on Pass Plus Cymru.

Pass Plus Cymru is an enhanced version of the standard Pass Plus course and is supported by the Driving Standards Agency.

It is a short expert-led higher driving course designed to develop techniques, increase awareness and widen experience. It is available to young people aged 17-25 in Wales for just £20 as the remaining cost is covered by the Welsh Government through grant funding to the local authorities.

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Welsh Government’s Local Transport Fund

Transport Secretary Ken Skates has announced that active travel links, electric car charging facilities and road improvement projects across Wales are all set to benefit from a share of £78m of funding from the Welsh Government’s Local Transport Fund.

The funding, which has been given the green light by Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford, will be broken down into £26million instalments over the three financial years from 2018/19 onwards. All 22 local authorities in Wales who made bids for funding to the Welsh Government, with a total of 82 applications totalling £34million, will receive an allocation from the additional in-year funding.

More than 60 projects will either be partially or fully funded during the remainder of 2018/19, with these schemes also providing an additional £7.2million in match funding.

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Keeping Your Motorcycle Secure

North Wales Police is urging motorcyclists to ensure their vehicles are safe and secure following a recent spate of thefts. Sgt Dafydd Curry said, “We are advising everyone who owns a motorcycle to ensure their vehicles are secure and not easily accessible or visible, following the increase in thefts from the north Gwynedd area.”

The following security tips for owners of motorcycles or scooters has been issued:

  • Always put a steering lock on
  • If your motorcycle or scooter doesn’t already have one, have an approved electronic immobiliser professionally fitted
  • If you have a security device fitted, always use it. A wide variety of locks can be used, such as chains or padlocks, disc locks and D locks
  • The most important thing to remember is to secure your motorcycle to a solid object that can’t be moved
  • When not in use, put your motorcycle or scooter in a garage or a secure outbuilding with a fixed or ground anchor to secure it to inside the building. If you can, fit a good lock and an alarm system to your garage or outbuilding
  • Don’t leave your garage open and make sure your vehicle is covered up, even when you are at home. Some motorcycles and scooters are stolen to order, so a motorcycle spotted by a thief today could be stolen tomorrow

Safer Parking Advice

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