Stay Local, Stay Safe

From today, two households in Wales, in the same local area will be able to meet outdoors. Social distancing of two metres and strict hand hygiene practices must remain to control the spread of the virus and the Welsh Government has emphasised that 'local' means not generally travelling more than five miles from home.

While active travel locally by foot and cycle is the very best option, an increased level of traffic is very likely. With greatly reduced car and motorcycle use throughout the ‘Stay at Home’ phase, it will now be essential that good driving habits are dusted off for a limited return to the road.  

Teresa Ciano, Chair of Road Safety Wales, stressed the importance of the public’s role in ensuring safety, “It is crucial that driver and rider behaviour is such that collisions and road casualties are avoided. There is now an even greater responsibility to keep the burden of road injury off the NHS to ensure the service can continue to cope with its vital fight against coronavirus.

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