Speed Reduction Initiative

Carmarthenshire County Council is working in partnership with GoSafe, Dyfed Powys Police and schools to combat speeding within the community and outside schools.

During the initiative driver speeds are highlighted using a Speed Indicator Device (SID).  A SID is a portable temporary sign that detects and records the speed of an approaching vehicle, its role is an educational tool and a deterrent measure.

The Roads Policing Unit will stop motorists who exceed the speed limit, and will then offer the choice of a fine plus penalty points or the opportunity to speak to the children at the school and a Road Safety Officer from Carmarthenshire County Council.

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Have Your Say on 20mph Proposals

The consultation on the Welsh Government’s proposal to reduce the speed limit to 20mph on residential streets and roads regularly used for active travel, closes on the 1st October.

Reducing the speed limit could:

  •   reduce the number and severity of road collisions
  •   increase opportunities to walk and cycle in our communities
  •   help improve health and wellbeing for all
  •   make our streets safer and help safeguard the environment for future generations.

Your opinions will guide Welsh Government’s policies prior to roll out. The proposals are also being trialled in 8 communities across Wales.

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National Eye Health Week

National Eye Health Week takes place between 20 and 26 September 2021, promoting the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

Whatever your age, good eyesight is vital when using the road. Drivers and motorcyclists must be able to read a vehicle registration plate from a distance of 20 metres (or 20.5 metres if the vehicle was registered before September 2001) wearing glasses or contact lenses if required.

If you are finding it difficult to read road signs, particularly those with text, it could indicate that your eyesight has deteriorated and you may require corrective lenses. If you are finding it harder to see clearly in the dark, this may also mean you need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

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UK Transport and Climate Change Experts to Carry Out Roads Review

The Deputy Minister for Climate Change, Lee Waters MS, has announced the Chair and panel that will be carrying out the Welsh Government’s roads review and confirmed the road schemes that will be considered as part of the review.

The panel consisting of climate change and transport specialists from across the UK, will be led by Dr Lynn Sloman MBE, a transport consultant based in Wales who has previously been part of the Lord Burns Commission.

The panel:

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Changes to the Highway Code

It’s vital to stay up to date with the Highway Code, whether you’ve only had one lesson or held a licence for years. 

From today there are changes to the rules on using motorways, so it’s as important as ever to “check the Code” – and continue to do so on a regular basis.

The changes made as of today refer to guidance on smart motorways. A total of 33 existing rules will be amended and two new rules introduced, with a number of amendments made to the additional information annexes.

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UK Government Takes Further Action to Tackle HGV Driver Shortage

Up to 50,000 more HGV driving tests will be made available each year in response to government action to streamline the testing process and tackle the worldwide lorry driver shortage.

HGV driving tests will be overhauled, meaning drivers will only need to take 1 test to drive both a rigid and articulated lorry, rather than having to take 2 separate tests (spaced 3 weeks apart). This will make around 20,000 more HGV driving tests available every year.

Tests will also be made shorter by removing the ‘reversing exercise’ element – and for vehicles with trailers, the ‘uncoupling and recoupling’ exercise – and having it tested separately by a third party. This part of the test is carried out off the road on a manoeuvring area and takes a significant amount of time.

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Million Pound Investment To Make Cycling More Accessible

An electric bike pilot scheme that has received more than £1 million of funding from the Welsh Government is already helping local residents to swap their car for a bike in communities across Wales.

The electric bike loan scheme, run by Sustrans, offers a range of battery assisted electric bikes for free on long-term loan for local residents that do not cycle regularly or find the cost of electric bikes a barrier to using them.

The scheme which is being rolled out initially in five locations across Wales, Rhyl, Swansea, Newtown (with links to Aberystwyth) and Barry, will help the Welsh Government gather data to inform recommendations for the long term use of electric bikes and active travel.

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School Road Safety Improvements Made Following Parents' Requests

A series of road safety improvements have been made at Gelliswick VC School in Milford Haven.

Bollards and safety rails were installed over the summer following concerns about parking on pavements on the approach to the school.

Work was completed in August in time for the start of the new term in response to requests from the local County Councillor and parents.

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Night-time road works start on Castle Street Cardiff

Road works have started on Castle Street, Cardiff with the aim of re-opening the road to general traffic by the end of October.

While the works take place throughout the night, Castle Street will remain open to taxis and buses to travel one-way, from Cowbridge Road and Westgate Street onto North Road. The works will only take place between 8pm and 6am so during the day Castle Street will remain open to buses and taxis in both directions.

The inbound route travelling from Boulevard de Nantes, south onto North Road, towards Castle Street, will be closed to all traffic, with the exception of the emergency services, where access will be maintained in both directions. While the works take place, the on-site contractor will manage all deliveries to shops and businesses.

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Forty Vehicles Stopped in Operation to Crackdown on Motoring Offences

Gwent Police Officers checked 40 vehicles and made four arrests as part of the latest operation to crackdown on motoring offences.

Operation Utah – a multi-agency day of action – is designed to identify and tackle road users putting other motorists at risk – either by driving illegally or by driving vehicles not up to a safe standard.

The road safety operation took place at the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) weighbridge and test site at Newport’s Coldra roundabout.

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