GoSafe "20mph Rule Outside Schools" Campaign Results

GoSafe have announced the results of their latest “20mph rule outside schools” campaign.

The campaign commenced on Monday 10th October 2016 and aimed to highlight the importance of respecting 20mph speed limits outside schools across Wales.

GoSafe are committed to the reduction of casualties on Welsh roads, and conduct regular campaigns in 20mph zones in order to influence the behaviour of motorists. This involves enforcing the speed limits at the start and end of the school day.

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Recaro Fix Base Replacement Programme

Recaro Child Safety is implementing a replacement programme for its Recaro fix base, which can be used with the child seat Optia and the infant carrier Privia. Only Recaro fix base stations of a clearly defined production batch are affected. The replacement programme is free of charge for customers.

For more information from Recaro please click here

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Over 150 Vehicles Stopped by Gwent Police as Officers Target Illegal Drivers in Newport

On Monday 17th October 2016 Gwent Police had a day of action along the M4 in Newport.

The operation came as part of Modern Day Slavery Week, in a bid to tackle the perpetrators and offer support to victims of slavery.

Officers on the day worked closely with colleagues from Trading Standards, VOSA, DVLA, DWP and licensing officers from local councils.  Together they have been gathering intelligence, visiting businesses, carrying out patrols, and conducting vehicle checks across Gwent.

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Watch your Speed – New Limits are Introduced in Ceredigion

Following the completion of a review of speed limits on county roads, Ceredigion County Council is introducing changes to speed limits at a total of over 80 locations within Ceredigion.

The review made use of current Welsh Government guidance and criteria used by the Wales Road Casualty Reduction Partnership. The changes are intended to improve road safety and reduce the number of casualties on roads within the county, by ensuring that speed limits are appropriate and make sense to drivers.

Speed limits are designed to balance the needs of all road users and take into consideration the potential for over-restriction to lead to driver frustration and a decrease in road safety. Many of the changes are in line with requests from local communities, and all have been subject to statutory consultation.

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Tread Carefully - Check Your Car Tyres

Motorists in Carmarthenshire are being urged to tread carefully by carrying out regular checks on their car tyres.

This October is National Tyre Safety Month and the council’s road safety unit are encouraging drivers to check their tyres, especially before long journeys. The message is simple: Don’t chance it – check it!

Drivers should make sure their tyres are at the correct pressure and replace them when worn or damaged.

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Drivers to be Prosecuted using Dash Cam Evidence

Reckless drivers could be prosecuted through ‘dash cam’ evidence sent in by members of the public in a new initiative by North Wales Police. Operation Snap or #OpSnap has been launched in response to the ever increasing submissions of video and photographic evidence from people who have witnessed driving offences.

North Wales Police are encouraging members of the public to send in their footage by completing a newly-devised online form.

Chief Inspector Darren Wareing from North Wales Police’ Roads Policing Unit said: “If you have footage from a dash cam, your pedal cycle cam or any other source that you feel supports you as a witness to an alleged motoring offence, we want to hear from you.

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‘Grey Fleet Drivers’ Pose Bigger Safety Risk Than Company Car Drivers

Drivers who use their own vehicle for work travel are more likely to pose a road safety risk than company car drivers, according to a new study.

Produced by Lex Autolease, the study found that ‘grey fleet drivers’ are more likely to engage in illegal behaviours while driving, including using a hand-held mobile phone or reading a map.

The survey of more than 1000 drivers also found that grey fleet drivers are more likely to drive without the correct insurance or a valid MOT, or while knowing that the vehicle needs attention.

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Gwent Police Officers Bring in Results of Roads Policing Operation

A recent roads policing operation took place along the A465, Llangua, Monmouthshire.

Crews from across Gwent joined forces with partners to tackle illegal drivers and bring action upon them.

As a result:

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Take Care on Country Roads as Deer Mating Season Approaches

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist is advising drivers to take extra care in areas where deer are common, as their breeding season gets underway. The coming weeks mean deer are more mobile than usual, bringing them onto roads and increasing the risk of collisions.

Estimates indicate that up to 75,000 deer are killed each year in road collisions.

GEM road safety officer Neil Worth says: “We encourage drivers to be extra observant, especially as the mornings and evenings get darker. Be ready to take appropriate avoiding action if you come across a deer on the road ahead.

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Delay to Public Inquiry Will Not Impact on M4 Project Completion Date

A delay to the start of the public inquiry on the proposed M4 Corridor around Newport Project, caused by actions of the UK Government, will not impact on the due completion date of the project in 2021, Economy and Infrastructure Secretary Ken Skates pledged today.

UK Government officials at the Department for Transport, have introduced revised methodology to their new forecasting for growth, an unexpected change not shared in advance with the Welsh Government, which has necessitated a delay to the inquiry start date.   

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